Our Purpose

We help young professionals accelerate their careers. Our free, year-long college alternative provides young adults from underrepresented backgrounds with the skills, mindsets, and networks necessary to launch a rewarding, purpose-driven career in the tech sector.

Program Overview

The Software Engineering Fellowship is a 12-month post-secondary program designed to prepare high-achieving young adults from diverse backgrounds for full-time careers in software engineering.

The first half of the full-stack web development curriculum focuses on programming fundamentals in JavaScript, data structures, and algorithms in Python. During the second half of the program, students learn to build scalable, full-stack web applications using technologies such as Node.js, PostgreSQL, React, TypeScript, and Docker.

The last three months of the Fellowship are spent one of two ways: a software engineering apprenticeship, where students are able to apply their learning as a member of an engineering team at one of our partner companies, or a capstone research project in an advanced topic of study.

<aside> 💡 You can find details about our curriculum here, read about our program outcomes in this year's Annual Report, and hear from partners like Samsung, 2U, and Asana about the value of our partnership. You can also see some of our Fellows in action here!


Hiring Partnerships

The Marcy Lab School Software Engineering Fellowship is a direct pathway to full-time employment. Our students go on to write software for start-ups, publicly-traded tech companies, non-profits, and creative agencies. We partner with companies in the following ways to ensure our students and alumni are a part of their hiring pipeline:

Internship Placement

Our average student is 21-23 years old. Thus, we have had success working with employers to place students into our partner companies' existing summer internship programs. In these roles, they work alongside their peers from traditional 4-year colleges and embed themselves into our partners' engineering teams to complete a well-defined project over the course of a summer. 100% of Fellows placed in software engineering internships have been asked to stay on full-time at the end of the summer.




We work with our partners to develop bespoke apprenticeship programs for our Fellows as pathways to full-time employment. In this model, we provide the apprentice with ongoing coaching, support, and mentorship from our team and provide input on an appropriate scope of work for a 16–24 week apprenticeship. It is always our goal that Fellows who meet performance expectations during the apprenticeship period will be asked to remain on in a full-time capacity upon its completion.

More than 90% of Fellows to date that have been placed in software engineering apprenticeships have been asked to stay on full-time at the end of their programs.

<aside> 🔍 To learn more about our custom apprenticeship offerings, please head to our 2021-22 Apprenticeship Overview.


Full-Time Hiring

We work with recruiters and hiring managers to identify immediate openings that could be a fit for our graduating Fellows and recent alumni. Then we work together to move them quickly into the application and interview process.

<aside> 💡 Note: For all of our hiring partnerships, we insist that our Fellows successfully navigate our partner companies' full technical interview process. We have found that it is the best way to ensure that placed Fellows are equipped to succeed once they begin in their roles.


<aside> 👥 To learn more about hiring partnerships with The Marcy Lab School, please reach out to our Head of Strategic Partnerships, Travis Fox, at [email protected].